Daniel Mark Harrison
Co-Founder of Zurcoin. E-Mail me at daniel@zurcoin.org.

Blockchain’s Elite Act Like Innovation’s White Trash

After a decade, it seems. Blockchain media and all its luminaries in their infinite wisdom and vision still don’t understand the basics of the most simple first layer blockchain protocol mining system. That they are still stuck on making and receiving payments goes a long way to explaining why we…

Drove my country to the levee but the levee was dry

That ‘special relationship’ really got everyone in a tangle this time

This is my last ever post on Medium, so I will try my best to make it pack the kind of punch I have variously thrown to lawyers, the FBI, the Center for Disease Control, Toyota, Tether, and a whole bunch of other fraudsters over the past two years. I…

Why Decentralized Finance is Just Communist Thuggery

(And why you can’t bribe capitalist assholes like me.)

This week, Uniswap, an exchange proxy for Ethereum, issued a bunch of tokens it repurchased for around $400 in value per individual it distributed the tokens to. …

Daniel Mark Harrison

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